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Key West Ghost Tours: Island Vacations Close to Home


Miami To Key West Tour

Key West Ghost Tours: Island Vacations Close to Home

There are so many things that you can do on a vacation but there is so much hassle in planning it. You need a way to get there, a place to stay, things to do, and money to do it. Every vacation costs and arm and a leg and all of the island ones seem to be out in the middle of nowhere, reachable only through cruise lines that you have to save up for years or max out a credit card in order to go on. There is one way of island visiting, however, that you can drive to. This is the way to go for those that cannot afford fancy trips all of the time. TheFlorida Keys, the getaway within reach, are right at the southern point of Florida and right within your reach.

If you travel from Key West Ghost Tours, you simply have to drive down US-1 across many wonderful and historic bridges to reach an island that has it all.Key Westis a place filled with excitement, beauty, and adventure. It is a place to relax and to do all that you’ve ever wanted to do on an island, but did not want to have to pay to get all the way out into the middle of no where.Key Westis just far enough away, at the southernmost point of the continentalUnited   States, to be a great getaway.

The drive from Key West Ghost Tours is full of different stop off sites for you to try daring new things that you have never done before. You can snorkel or scuba dive, for instance. These are things that many people dream of doing, but feel like they can only get that kind of experience out in the middle of the ocean on some exotic, unheard of island. You can get it through any of the Keys on your journey and definitely inKey West.

If you cannot handle that kind of adventure, you can also do the glass bottom boat tours. These tours take you out to explore the reefs from above, rather than up close and personal with. You stay in the safety of a boat, the comfort of an air conditioner, and see the world beneath. They are a great way to at least enjoy the beauty of the ocean without the fear, rules, and lessons that come with it.

All from Miami tours to  Key West Ghost Tours there are also amazing beaches, little shops, peaceful restaurants, exotic foods, and various activities to partake in. There is excitement everywhere you look and music to fill the nigh with. You do not need a cruise to enjoy all of the island festivities that you dream of. You need a map, or a day tour, and enough money for a hotel room for a night (maybe not even that depending on how you prefer to travel). No matter what option you go with, you are still guaranteed a great time full of adventures and closer to home than you thought.