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Key West trolley tours: Through the Florida Keys


Miami To Key West Tour


Key West trolley tours: Through the Florida Keys

Just south of Florida lie the Florida Keys. They are a string of islands that are connected by 42 bridges. The drive through, from Key West trolley tours, will keep you entertained all the way down, or hold your gaze across the horizon. Looking out over the sea to the islands beyond, driving through and trying new and exciting things, the entire experience is one to remember.

Leaving Florida, the first major island you hit is Key Largo. There are parks and dive centers, plenty of places to stay, and beaches to visit. Though it is so close to the mainland, it pulls you out further into the ocean and closer to paradise. It is referred to as the dive capital. This is where your Keys experience can begin and you can become certified to scuba dive. Along the way from Key West trolley tours there are numerous ruins of ships and coral reefs to dive to and explore. They are from old battle ships and treasure ships that sunk in the sea before their time.

Continuing down, either look for more dive sites or different excitement, the next major island in the Keys is Islamorada. This is the home to many different types of sportfishing. Though fishing and aquatic related activities are prevalent throughout the Keys, this island holds your fishing needs in one place. Come here to get away and get your serious fishing face on.

Marathon and the Big Pine Key are the next two in the series of islands that make up the Keys. Marathon is geared more towards family boating activities and getaways, and the Big Pine Key is for relaxing and taking your life from chaotic to peaceful. There are biking trails on the beach, fishing, snorkeling and more. These islands begin taking you deeper into the real Florida Keys experience.

Driving from Key West trolley tours, though, you pass through all of these islands with different focuses to reach the island that has it all. Key West has snorkeling, diving, fishing, boating, glass bottom boats, and a nightlife to remember. This island takes a ibt from all of the previous Keys and mixes it in with its unique spin on living and celebrating life. It is an island of wonder, getaways, and living life to its fullest. You can relax, go out, participate in pub crawls and ghost tours, and explore everything it has to offer. There is history, excitement, and new moments to make into memories.

The Florida Keys are a great and easy way to get out of your hectic life and break away without having to travel too far out to sea or plan for cruises. You can simply drive or take a boat there. It is an easy and enjoyable trip through and through. Crossing the many bridges to arrive at a destination that takes you far away from your everyday life without the worry, the hassle, and excessive amounts of Miami tours planning. The Keys are the place to go to have it all.