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Miami To Key West: Fighting Writer’s Block in the Florida Keys


Miami To Key West Tour 

Miami To Key West: Fighting Writer’s Block in the Florida Keys

Everyone needs a vacation now and then. It is a rule of life, how things go, and how they always will go. The same is true for authors, even more so because they have to fight writer’s block and what is more effective for opening the mind than a nice, relaxing vacation? Many authors have traveled to different countries or islands to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Though some have traveled to these places that are far away, others have traveled to beautiful vacation destinations that are closer to home.

There have been numerous authors that have run off to vacation and allow the ideas to flow freely, but have traveled to places from Miami to Key West and that was enough of a getaway for them. Ernest Hemingway, for example had a home on theislandofKey Westwhere he visited frequently. This house is still there today for tourists to visit and stay in. There are also still as many cats running around as there used to be in Hemingway’s time. With all of these cats around, how could anyone focus? But Hemingway enjoyedKey Westand stayed with other famous men on the island many times.

Robert Frost, the poet, was also known to have frequented Key West to clear his mind and find inspiration. He had a winter home there to use as his getaway. Not only do largely celebrated novelists and poets spend their time on the island, but also children’s poet Shel Silverstein and many others. These great authors enjoyed the island and all it had to offer. They wrote here, relaxed here, and found ways to pass the time in a manner fitting to them.

Zane Grey is the American author who first went from Miami to Key West tours to discover the amazing potential it had for relaxing him. He traveled through the Keys fishing and enjoying time away from his adventure novels so he could return to them later with enthusiasm and new ideas. Perhaps this fishing time helped spark some new ideas and send him on his way to a new adventure. He founded a fishing club, complete with a house for them in the Little Duck Key. This is where he frequented with other famous men from the time.

It is important, as an author, to keep your mind at peace and open to new experiences and sights all around you. When you are looking for inspiration and a way to tear down the wall that has been up in your mind, hindering your writing, you do not have to travel too far in order to find the peace you need. You can go fromMiamitoKey Westand find excitement, relaxation, and inspiration right off of the mainland. You can write freely and not worry about any other things that may worm their way into your brain. Give yourself a getaway. These authors understood the importance behind vacationing, and the beauty that comes with the Miami tours and the Florida Keys, not too far from home.