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Deep Sea Fishing Miami

$95.00 $59.00
(You save $36.00)

Deep Sea Fishing Miami

$95.00 $59.00
(You save $36.00)

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(Deep sea fishing Miami, No experience needed)



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Miami Tours


Deep Sea Fishing Miami Tours:

(Terminal Price $95.00)

* Children 0-2 goes for free.



  • Baits
  • Tackle
  • Fishing Rod
  • All included



-Departure dates: Daily
-Duration: About 4 hours
-Departure time: 9:00AM - 1:45PM - 8:00PM
-Departure: Departure/Meeting Point location will be disclosed at confirmation call time.

- Languages: Assistance available in English and Spanish.

Best experience on Deep Sea Fishing Miami Tours of Florida, discover whats inside of these so demanded tour, now available with an 8pm departure for a complete night fishing for better and bigger results! Discover your passion on Deep Sea Fishing Today!

For our customer convenience Half Price Tour Tickets offer the Miami fishing tours now available from 9am to 1pm / 1:45pm to 5:30pm / 8pm to 12:30am (Night fishing)


Miami Offers it all Including Deep Sea Fishing

Miami's coastline is an ideal place and setting for charter fishing. The warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean provide an abundance of fishing sport & activity. The Gulf of Mexico, being barely miles away from the Miami shoreline, also has prime fishing spots. The natural reefs have a wealth of aquatic fish life. Wreck fishing also adds to the sense of adventure. The Atlantic waters provide a striking and impressive variety of fish and fishing sport all year around.

Miami has a beautiful tropical climate that is conducive to the life of an assortment of fish. This adds to the game of deep sea fishing in Miami. The scenic beach views and clear waters, the warm climate adds to the incentives to take a charter for a day of deep water fishing.

Being a popular sport, fishing is an option that many like to indulge in when in Miami. Miami provides a wide array of fishing locations from Biscayne Bay to the several spots along the South Beach. The peculiar weather and water currents make it an enjoyable sport to indulge in year round. Kingfish, tarpons, and sailfish are available in the early winter. Dolphins, tuna, wahoo, and amberjack are available to catch up to late spring.
The Atlantic Ocean boasts of clean waters. They tempt the tourists to explore the underwater life among the reefs and ship-wrecks. Miami, with its beautiful sunsets and scenic tourist attractions begs for a fishing charter to be taken on the ocean waves. Kite fishing, trolling fishing, live bait, and bottom fishing are the various forms of the sport to participate in.

You and Mother Nature
Most of the fishing tours provide fishing gear for people who have come unprepared. They come equipped with fishing rods, bait, and tackle. There are fishing guides who are ready to teach novices to fish. They also provide the tourists with fishing reports, weather updates, and water conditions.

The Gulf Stream has fish such as snappers, sailfish, reef and bait fish. Larger game includes bill fish, sharks, and pelagic fish. Deep sea fishing in Miami gives the additional thrill of catching fish that are is up to 7 ft long and weigh heavily.

There are several charters available to book to go for fishing in the waters of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. One can choose to go for a full day of fishing from sunrise to sunset. There are also charters in the night to indulge in shark fishing and the like.
Because of the popularity of the sport, deep sea fishing has also turned into a competition in recent times. Multi boat charters are available for large parties. They are also used for competitions between friends on the oceanic waves.

The lure of the warm climate and the splendorous sites are enough to attract a multitude of tourists to Miami. The culture and architecture provide enriching experiences for them. Despite all these attractions, Miami has still more to offer the traveller with its option of deep sea fishing. Its tropical weather provides big game fish as well as small and leaves the tourists with ample sport and opportunities to choose from.



List of available services:


*Free bottle water upon request, when reserve the Miami fishing tour online.



Going on a Deep Sea Fishing Adventure in Miami

When it comes to deep sea fishing, Miami should be the first place you’d want to consider having the adventure in. It has exotic fishes in its midst and also, the environment is as beautiful as ever. Your trip will certainly be the best you’ll take. With the great waters it is situated with, you won’t go wrong in making your decision. It has a number of swamps, lakes, and rivers you could head on over to. Not only that, it is also full of scenic areas. Everywhere you turn to, you’d be taken aback by the beauty of the entire surrounding. With and their special packages, you can have the time of your life for an affordable price.

It’s fun.

Fishing is always exciting. It may be one activity reserved for those who are patient and collected, but it’s actually something amusing. Don’t undermine its power to bring you fun. The level of entertainment is different but it’s definitely there. If you choose Miami as your ultimate destination, deep see diving would be even more fun. You’ll see.

The waters are clean.

If the water is sanitary, you’d be confident that your adventure won’t lead to trouble. For tragedy to strike is the last thing you have in mind while having your vacation. In Florida, you can guarantee that it’s safe to explore the realm down under. You won’t encounter toxic gases that will put your life at risk. In the state, you can be sure that everything is well-maintained and clean.

A spectacular environment is yours to enjoy.

If you’re scheming to go deep sea fishing, Miami is the best place to head to. You would surely enjoy everything it has to offer. With the tropical heat, tourist hotspots, and the sunset view its location brags of, it’s going to be a surreal vacation for you. You won’t only take advantage of the joys of the extreme activity but you’ll also have the reward of a breathtaking sight that’s just around you.

You can meet new friends.

Fishing may be something that requires solitary moments. You can’t exactly be successful at the craft if you’re the kind who refuses to be silent or limit movements. However, that shouldn’t mean that you’re going to be isolated from the rest of civilization. When you’re going deep sea hunting in the state of Miami, you won’t be on your own if you choose not to. There are others who are in need of the same break, too, and with that said, you have the chance to interact with people of your caliber.

Planning to go on an adventure seems exciting. If it’s going to be deep sea fishing, Miami is the perfect venue for the kind of break you are looking for. It’s awesome there and you would feel magical every moment you realize you are present in the state. The entire place is just promising. There are so many great things before you to appreciate. Not only would your quest be a victorious one, it’s also going to let you be healed and be rid of the unnecessary worries clouding your mind.


Review for deep sea fishing Miami #15 -

After living in Miami Beach for over a year now I figured it was high time that I should take a Miami Deep Sea Fishing and get a better idea about the place that I plan on living the rest of my life in. The city of Miami is much bigger than I had ever imagined it being. When I first moved to Miami I considered it to be just Miami Beach. As it turned out however I do not put Miami on my state ID. I put Miami Beach so apparently they are two separate places. Now I knew about the downtown area of Miami. However, until I took the Miami Deep Sea Fishing I had no idea exactly how vast this city is. It is a huge, sprawling urban wonder!

I am originally from Staten Island, New York. So I am used to enormous urban environments obviously. I must admit I was surprised by Miami's immense size though. When I first moved down here I was collecting unemployment and just doing little side jobs here and there trying to get my feet on the ground and get established. It was a little bit of a struggle and I didn't know many people at all. I just kept to myself mostly. That all changed however, when I got hired at the Fontainebleau Resort on Collins Avenue and 41st Street in Miami Beach. I was hired as a bartender in one of the nightclubs there and I made a lot of friends very quickly. One night I was talking to somebody that had been working there for over five years. He was telling me that when he first arrived here that the way he learned his way around was by taking the Miami Deep Sea Fishing. Then he proceeded to tell me about all these great sounding other areas of Miami that I had no idea even existed.

He started talking about places like Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and Brickell. I had no idea about any of these other areas because I rarely ever watch the news and I do not like to drive around because I am not familiar with the area. Also when I do have to drive, the way that the people drive in Miami makes me a little bit insane. So I do try to avoid driving as much as I possibly can. When I asked him where he went to find out how to take the Miami Deep Sea Fishing he told me to either go online or he said that I could just walk around South Beach and stop in one of the many tourist agency stores on the beach. I live on 60th and Collins Avenue so any excuse for me to go to South Beach and walk around is a good excuse! So I went down to South Beach and spoke with a Miami Deep Sea Fishing rental agent. This store that I stopped in sold so many activities and tours that I could not even believe my luck.

Not only did this stuff looks great for tourist to do but it also looked very exciting for any locals to do. They rented out jet skis, Segways, parasailing, snorkeling, and paddleboards among a host of other things. I knew I was there for the Miami Deep Sea Fishing though and that's what I signed up for. I took the tour one week later and it was remarkable. I learned so much about my new native city. There is so much more to do in Miami than I would have ever imagined. I am not afraid now to drive all around this great city and finding new adventurous things to do thanks to the Miami Deep Sea Fishing!








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