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Half Price Tour Tickets

Everglades Airboat Tour + Wildlife Show

$55.00 $39.00
(You save $16.00)

Everglades Airboat Tour + Wildlife Show

$55.00 $39.00
(You save $16.00)

Product Description

Everglades Airboat Tour + Wildlife Show | $39

Everglades Tour Pictures

arrow.gif Transportation + Park Entrance To Everglades Park.
arrow.gif Airboat Ride throughout Everglades National Park.
arrow.gif Live Wildlife Show.
arrow.gif Full History and Showcase.
arrow.gif Free bottle of water. (Upon Request)



  • Departure Dates: Daily
  • Depature Times: 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM
  • Tour Duration: 5 Hours
  • Return Time: 2:00 PM or 6:00 PM (Approximately)

Pickup Locations
arrow.gif305 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Fl 33139 (Main Station)
arrow.gifHotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet

Tour Highlights

The Everglades Tour is one of our most exciting excursions! Below is a list of the tour highlights.
arrow.gifAirboat Ride Throughout the Everglades National Park.
arrow.gifTime to explore park and grounds.
arrow.gifLive Wildlife Alligator Show
arrow.gifGift Shop.


Everglades Airboat Tours + Wildlife Show with Transportation

The Florida Everglades Tours take you to the most unusual National Park in the United States. Sprawling across about 1.5 million acres, the Everglades National Park had been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979 because of the indigenous history, and diverse variety of flora and fauna that it preserves and contains.

Love of Mother Nature

The Miami Everglades Tour covers just one-seventh of the total region of the Florida Everglades, which is under protection. Situated in the heart of the Everglades region, the terrain of the Park is mostly flat and watery. In fact, many people refer to it as “river of grass”.

A large portion of the northern region of these wetlands is plagued by development and drainage, with its fragile and unique eco-balance under extreme threat. With Mother Nature frowning upon the infringement of its private property, the unprotected regions have also grabbed the attention of government bureaucrats finally. Environmentalists around the world have warned that if necessary steps are not taken, the ecosystem of the region can and will be destroyed (but many of these groups cry foul so much that to many, they have become tiresome). In the face of disaster, the people of southern Florida are finally cooperating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to contain the situation and remedy it too.

Perils in the Everglades

Nestled in South Florida, the Everglades is full of saw-grass prairies, sub-tropical forests, swamps, and marshes. The Everglades Tours offer you a glimpse into the lives of rare and endangered species, such as the American crocodile, wild alligators, the elusive Florida Panther, white ibis, and the West Indian Manatee. One can avail camping, walking and canoeing opportunities to have a look at the sections of the park that are quite primitive and dangerous, and often interest only adventurers and researchers.

Two Steps to having some Everglades Fun

For the nature enthusiasts out on the Florida Everglades Tour, the perfect day would be to start off with an Everglades Airboat Tour and cap it off with a Shark Valley tram tour. Both Everglades Tours are awesome in their own right. 

       Everglades Airboat Tours: We recommend you to the take the airboat tour first. The trip on the fan boat acquaints you with the distinct animals of the region and shows you the highlights of the world-famous river of grass. You may request a group tour as well as a private cozy tour, if you like. Both of them are fun and have their own merits. An Everglades shuttle shoots you across the water, while the sun and wind become your playmates along the trip. It does slow down enough so you can check out the alligators, animals, and birds which are of interest to you.

Alligators interest many people and baby alligators frolicking in muddy waters can actually look quite adorable and are picture-worthy. Kids love to have their photographs clicked while petting the baby reptiles or alligators. Guides on the tour are fun to be with, polite, and witty. They are a repertoire of interesting stories and walking-and-talking encyclopedias of information. Ask them about the unique plant species and they will tell you all about it. Alligator tours and wildlife shows are the highlights of the airboat tours.

       Shark Valley Tram Tours: Next, you can take a more relaxed excursion on a tram. After the bird eye’s glance of the Everglades, it will only offer you more positive and happy experiences. With tickets priced just at $19 per adult, the Shark Valley tram tours are best for the drier winter months, when animals do venture outside for their share of sunbathing. Again, the tram tour lasts about two hours and takes you across a 15-mile loop.

After eight miles on a meandering road built in the sixties, there is a stop to allow tourists to get off the tram and relish the natural environment. You can walk up to the isolated observation tower – a perfect place to check out the marsh lands and territory all around. This place offers you gorgeous views and clicks that are worth the photo albums of even professionals. Standing up like a sentinel in the forest, the tower allows visitors to spot the most amazing bird life, wild alligators from close distance, and even snakes (no, they do not care to be petted!). You will realize that the guides on the tours do know what they are offering you when they ask you to take off your socks and shoes and feel the mud of the glades squeezing through your toes and enveloping your feet.

Before the stop, the road has culverts to allow the water to flow under the road. After the stop, there is a straight road built in the forties by a job and energy creating oil company. The Everglades is all the more rich because of its history – and you won’t want to miss out on that!

Everglades Airboat Tours take you right to the heart of nature!

Half Price Tour Tickets offers the Everglades airboat shuttle, that unfolds the natural wonders of South Florida for you, in a themed and systematic manner. A fun day on the Everglades airboat tour includes an alligator aspect, a wildlife show, and a fan boat. Besides the startling mix of fauna, such as the osprey, egrets, white tailed deer, roseate spoonbills, great blue herons and so on, you will also see a wide array of plants and fish in the area along with a replica fishing village, where you can unwind at the end of the day.

Getting to the Everglades National Park is easy. Take the straight road out of Miami on Calle Ocho. Exit 25 at the Florida’s Turnpike and drive west for 12 miles on SW 8th Street.

Open seven days a week, from 9am to 5 pm, the Everglades National Park has a free guided airboat tour included in the admission ticket. The tickets are priced at $39 per person.

Why take an Everglades Airboat Tour?

Alligators can be seen in many places in South Florida but if you crave for the thrill and excitement of seeing alligators in their natural habitat, unfettered by the bonds of captivity, you must opt for the Florida Everglades Tour. You do not want to go alligator searching on your own and driving down a road hoping you see an alligator is nothing compared to taking this tour by a professional and knowledgeable guide on a fan boat! It is just what you need to see after seeing the incredible sites of Miami such as the art and cultural fests and opulent architectural treasures of Miami.

An Everglades airboat tour offers you the best of what Mother Nature conceived for us. Here are some of the reasons why this tour is so highly recommended:

  •  The friendly and knowledgeable captains of these tours will love to regale you with interesting stories of the region and can offer you all the information that you might want to soak in.

  • Miami Everglades tours  mostly last for two hours, if you want just a quick glance of this natural paradise (it would not be paradise if you were trapped in the middle of it though). Private tours of the Everglades might be too expensive for some and unnecessary but they are customizable and allow you to spend more time in this fantastic ecosystem. They are worth every penny that you spend.

  • If you love National Geographic, the Everglades will not disappoint you. Beautiful exotic birds that remain unseen in the urban areas will certainly catch your eye on your trip. The Everglades shuttle tour guides love to tell stories about how many wild animals they have encountered and how close to some alligators they have gotten. You just have to remember one thing - patting the heads of alligators may or may not be safe, but feeding them isn’t. What happens if you run out of food or the alligator decides they want more to eat?

Half Price Tour Tickets’ Everglades Airboat Tours

Half Price Tour Tickets is a premier company in Miami that offers unique airboat tours to the Everglades on a fan boat. They just try to be dependable and provide you with the right facilities and accommodations, and the Everglades itself does the rest. A big part of the credit for the happy countenance and satisfaction on the faces of our clients at the end of the tours goes to the wonders of the region. Here is a bit more about us:

  • The company: We are dependable not just because we say so. But because people who man our airboats really know about the business. They help you figure out an itinerary that suits your expectations and requirements, directs you to the launch location, and takes you on an alligator tour that is full of thrills. Captain Jim is our most popular tour guide but every tour guide we employ is solid in their own right. 

  • The ride: Our boats are well-maintained and look sharp. We make sure that they navigate on the wetlands as if you are skating on ice and we work hard so we do not injure any wildlife. The accompanying guides can help you see a particular species of bird or animal up close and perhaps, also interact with them from a safe distance. Our guides are also adept in dealing with all sorts of people and finding out what they really want to see. Their goal is to impress you while keep you safe simultaneously. 

You can make your own documentary with all the native and non-native animals (yes, very unfortunate) and places that the guides point out to you. You can even add anecdotes that tell you about the history of the region and enjoy yourself as this tour and natural wonder envelop you and allow you to absorb the importance of this special place.  


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