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Miami Weather changes constantly in Miami Beach, Fl and for that same reason we don't leave it as "It is going to be a beautiful day today!" because at any moment the weather in Miami can turn from bright and sunny to cloudy and rainy in a matter of minutes.

This is the reason why we offer free Miami weather information on our website as a guide for tourists and locals planning to go to the beach or going on any Miami tour.




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Summertime and Miami Weather (Written by Half Price Tour Tickets)

Miami Weather is a paradise and a melting pot of many cultures, it is one of the most desired places to visit or live. A city doesn’t get that title for any reason; there are several reasons why this city is so wanted. When you think about Miami you imagine beautiful sandy beaches, beautiful women, and delicious food. All these things are true but Miami is more than that, besides all the glamour and beauty Miami also had a calm side to it as well. Outside of South Beach which is one of the main attractions of the city there are calm cities and suburbs, when you enter one of these towns you would think you were in a different city or state.

The transition is so easy; it’s just a bridge away. The traffic in Miami Weather really depends on the season, Winter is probably the busiest season for Miami because while it’s freezing in the north they want to escape and they take a trip to Miami, winter here is pretty much a joke since it doesn’t get that cold at all compared to the rest of the country, some people envy that. This is yet another reason why it’s a desirable place to live. Summer on the other hand is busy as well, the thing about summer is that you’ll see a lot less visitors from Europe because in Europe school starts and everyone goes back to work while it’s summer here, well not all of them but the majority. So you’ll be seeing people from the North America and South America. Summer here is no joke, | believe it’s safe to say it’s hot like a desert; it’s not even the heat that gets to you it’s the humidity that makes the heat so unbearable, but hey it’s Miami weather and we can’t really complain.

When they say it’s one of the hottest cities in the world | think they meant that literally. During the summertime there are loads of activities to take part in; one of the most popular events is Memorial Day weekend. This holiday is one of the most packed holidays here when the weather in miami is nice, it gets so busy most locals get fed up and leave the city for the weekend. It gets rowdy too, during Memorial Day weekend there are lots of rap events going on here at the beach, big named rappers come to this city to perform and their fans follow with them as well.

Thousands of people come from different states in their cars or in planes, it gets so packed and rowdy that it’s estimated every year that at least 2 people will die during the weekend, this year there was a shooting in south beach, a couple people died. Don’t bother trying to drive anywhere during this weekend because you’ll be stuck in traffic for a couple hours just trying to go 2 streets down, and I’m not exaggerating. But overall summer temperature and weather here in Miami is fun, it’s a great time to soak up some rays at the beach and get a nice tan, swimming is favored as well during the summer the waters are nice and warm and the skies are clear. Come down to Miami and have some summer fun!

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