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Half Price Tour Tickets

Jungle Island Tour

$59.00 $55.00
(You save $4.00)

Jungle Island Tour

$59.00 $55.00
(You save $4.00)

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(Parrot Jungle Trail, Transportation Incl.)

Price List:

Jungle Island Tours:

(Terminal Price $59.00)

*Children 0-2 goes for free.



  • Transportation Round Trip.
  • Entrance to park.
  • Free bottle of water (Upon request at terminal only)



-Departure dates: Daily
-Duration: 4 Hours.
-Departure time: 9:00 AM or 1:00 PM

  • 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 :: (MAIN OFFICE)
  • 235 9th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (9th Street Office)
  • 1599 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (16th Street Office)
  • Hotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet

- Return time: 1:30 PM or 5:30 PM (Approximately)


Jungle Island Tours

Jungle Island, formerly known as Parrot Jungle is one of the oldest attractions in Miami. Started by a man named Franz Scherr whose passion it was to show the world all the many different exotic birds there is. Today Jungle Island is located on Watson Island on the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay in the heart of Miami. The park has transformed over the many years from a small establishment to a huge park with many exhibits, now the park doesn’t only host birds but many different exotic animals as well. The reason why the name changed from Parrot Jungle to Jungle Island is to better suit the idea of the park since it doesn’t only host exotic birds but now many different animals from all over the entire world. Jungle Island isn’t only about animals nowadays; it also has many rare trees and plants you won’t find just anywhere.

Have you ever been sorrounded of exotic species, water and a wild jungle before? For the last 9 years, The Jungle Island gives tourists and locals a one of a kind opportuinty to visit this attraction. While in Jungle Island participate from shows and informative presentations.


*Free bottle water upon request, when reserved the Miami boat tours online.

Parking Garages / Availbale pickup terminals

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The Miami Jungle Island Tours

If you are looking for the kind of vacation that will enable you to do a variety of things all in one place, then a visit to Southern Florida will be a perfect choice. Its thriving cities and the vast expanse of sea and sky that surrounds it offers pleasurable activities that can fit every person of every personality. Frolic at the beach under the heat of the sun at its pristine beaches and marvel at the beauty of the sceneries while having much appreciation for nature and our environment. In as much as this part of the United States offers activities in the city, what makes it unique that kept tourists wanting to return is its natural facade given by nature.

Experience a direct encounter with nature through jungle island tours. Miami offers opportunities for this kind of endeavors which will leave visitors in awe with the power of life and the natural world. It is an extraordinary chance to actually see these animals live in their natural habitat most especially in a place dominated by progressive cities with busy cemented roads and towering buildings. It is not every day that we get to experience nature up close and this tour of a natural ecosystem along with other services and packages offered by Half Price Tour Tickets will be a great source of new learning's and experiences.

Kids will surely have a lot of fun looking at parrots and the different birds in this jungle island tours. Miami is a place known for the old and the young alike where everyone can find an activity that will best suit their age and personality. Bringing children to eco-tours and wildlife shows is possible with the wide range of services and packages that Half Price Tour Tickets offer. Along with the enjoyment of being in a natural setting with exotic animals, these nature tours provides valuable learning's for all those who participates in it.

A unique encounter with nature and the life forms that exist in this area is one of the main highlights of the jungle island tours. Miami is an area full of the wonders of nature and seeing it at first hand is a chance of a lifetime. Tourists will be entertained with the animals that can be seen during the tour and they will get to understand these animals more as they get to interact with them. Half Price Tour Tickets offers packages in Miami for a jungle island tour. This offer can be combined with other tour packages that are being offered by the company.

Marvel at the beauty of nature and the picturesque views in Miami during your vacation here in Southern Florida. Half Price Tour Tickets will aid you in getting affordable rates for tours that will suit your personality and budget. Identify your goals for your vacation and Half Price Tour Tickets will certainly have the ideal service for you. Contact their representatives and seek assistance in customizing a tour for your trip. With Half Price Tour Tickets, you can make sure that quality service will be provided at a reasonable rate.  



Miami Jungle Island Tours review on 2/15/2012

This past October right before Halloween, my wife and I were thinking about taking a spontaneous quick getaway to Miami Beach, Florida. We were just a little bit tight with our money so that was going to be the deciding factor. Luckily for us however my wife found a website named Jungle Island. This website put us over the top as far as getting our finances situated in order to be able to take such an extravagant vacation.

Jungle Island Tours Is a website that specializes in inexpensive tours and activities in whatever city in the world that you plan on traveling to. Even though the economy is not doing that well there are still a lot of great deals to be had as far as vacation discounts go. You just have to really do your homework and spend some time researching online to find the best deals that you possibly can find. Everyone knows what websites to go to find the cheapest flights and the most inexpensive hotel accommodations but not many people know which website to go to for the most inexpensive tours and activities. Jungle Island Tours along with those other websites literally made it possible for my wife and I to be able to take a Miami Beach vacation.

He had a very specific budget planned out so we knew exactly what we could and could not spend. Jungle Island Tours guarantees you the very lowest prices on any tour or activity that you would care to do. That doesn't just include Miami but it also includes just about any other city in the world that you can think of that you would like to take a vacation in. I think it's a safe bet to say that the Jungle Island Tours data base has more tours and activities for sale than any other website in the world. My wife and I are from Concorde, New Hampshire, where I have got to tell you it gets extremely cold during the winter months. We have been talking about vacationing in Miami for years and years now but had never really had the opportunity to go there. Neither one of us had ever been to southern Florida nor kept we just putting it off.

It started getting to the point where it seemed like we would never be able to visit Miami. Since the economy seems to just be getting worse every year we decided that we really had to take whatever chance we had to get down to Miami or else we might not ever be able to go. That's when we started hunting online for bargains every chance that we had.

We found reasonable rates for our hotel accommodations. We also found pretty well priced airfare tickets for both of us. So once we had both those areas covered it was time to see if we could afford to do anything while we were there. That was when we found Jungle Island Tours. We were so ecstatic to find out that we could take an Everglades tour, visit the Miami Seaquarium, go snorkeling in Key Biscayne, and even go parasailing! Thanks to Jungle Island Tours all of those things were extremely inexpensive so that sealed the deal for us, were able to take our vacation.


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