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(Gentle dry lift-up from boat deck)


Price List:
Miami Tours


Miami Parasailing Tours:

(Terminal Price $99.00)

* Shuttle round-trip add $40.00.
* Over 18 years old and 120 lb.



  • Easy-Fun-Dry
  • Optional Dipped-In
  • 30-45 minutes in the air
  • Shuttle to port available




-Departure dates: Daily
-Duration: 30-40 minutes flying over the sea..
-Departure time: Any time between 9am or 5pm

  • Port location disclosed at confirmation time.
  • If you need shuttle service roundtrip, departure can be from any hotel in the area or our terminal at 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139

For shuttle service to parasailing point:

  • 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 :: (MAIN OFFICE)
  • 235 9th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (9th Street Office)
  • 1599 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (16th Street Office)
  • Hotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet

The Miami Parasailing tours are the most popular activities in South Beach, Florida and you can not leave town without trying this one out! Get elevated over 80 feet high on the most secured and clean parasailing style on earth, dry take off from our boat deck and land on the same (you may ask to get dipped into the water "Optional and free") and up to 2 poeple per lift. Boat acommodates up to 8 people.


*Free bottle water upon request, when reserved the Miami boat tours online.

Parking Garages / Availbale pickup terminals



Miami Parasailing tours review on 2/17/2012

I am a huge fan of basketball, particularly NBA basketball. The other night I was watching the Miami Heat play my local team and the game was in Miami. When the game would come back on after a commercial break the cameramen always panned around the city of Miami and mainly South Beach. It was a nighttime game and the city just looked so amazingly beautiful that it gave me the idea that I wanted to travel there and take a Miami city tour. I knew that this was going to take a good amount of planning.

I also realized that I would have to save a little more money than I had at the time before I took a Miami vacation because I have always heard that it is expensive there. So I waited till I had enough money saved up and then I started researching my vacation to Miami. It turned out that I was correct about Miami Beach being expensive but as far as the cost of Miami Parasailing Tours Company went surprisingly they weren't really that pricey. I was waiting with baited breath to take my Miami vacation. I could not wait to get out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma because we had been having a really bitter cold winter.

I got a pretty good price on my airfare. Nothing spectacular though. Accommodations in South Beach were pretty expensive that was where I spent the bulk of my money. My Miami Parasailing Tours Company and activities was where I really saved a lot of money though. I found all kinds of websites online that we're selling their tour tickets for half price or that were having two for one deals. The first tour I paid for was my Miami city tour. This was the activity I was most anxious to do because of how gorgeous Miami looked to me from the video clips I had seen when I was watching my basketball game. The websites also had a lot of other good information about other Miami Parasailing Tours Company.

There were so many different Miami Parasailing Tours Company and activities to choose from it was a little difficult for me to decide which ones that I wanted to do. One tour that interested me very much was the Miami Segway tour. I have always been interested in riding on a Segway but had never had the opportunity to do it so I signed up for that Miami tour also. Another Miami tour that I thought looked pretty cool was the Everglades tour. I figured if I am going to Florida I might as well try to see some alligators and crocodiles. Also I really wanted to take and Everglades airboat ride. I had seen these types of boats on television many times and I had always wondered a if they are as fun to be on as they look. I also signed up for a couple of activities because I really wanted to stay busy for my entire time down in Miami Beach.

I didn't plan on having a vacation where I just lounged around and rested. I wanted to really get out and get a good feel for the city. When I saw Miami on my television it just looked so electrifying. Everything went just like I thought it would, in fact this city was more exciting than I had imagined. My Miami Parasailing Tours Company and activities were wonderful.

The Miami city tour really did a great job of showing me around the entire city. The Everglades airboat ride was everything I thought it would be also. It was totally exhilarating. Miami exceeded all my expectations from seeing it on television. It was the best place I have ever visited.


Miami Parasailing: One Of The Best Parasailing Locations In The World

Miami is one of the best places in the world to experience safe and world class parasailing. Miami is in fact a very exciting place to be in. Adventurous souls would surely find an activity that would meet their keen interest in Miami. The place is so rich in cultural events, arts, sports activities and water activities. There’s something going on in every corner and the cityscape is breathtaking. What better way to view this wonderful city than to see it from above through Miami parasailing.

Getting a boat forparasailing

Parasailing is nothing new to Miami and therefore there are a lot of companies offering these types of water sports activities. By simply browsing online, one can surely find a company that offers Miami parasailing. This type of activity is mostly offered in beach resorts or hotels that are located at the beachfront.

While parasailing can be done using a land vehicle, using a boat is the most popular. Depending on the power of the boat, two to three people can parasail at the same time. But if the boat is small and less powerful, it can only accommodate one person. Prepare to get wet as the ocean can be rough and getting from the boat into the parasail and landing afterwards will require a boat ride. The people are secured to the parasail in a sitting harness that is comfortable, tight and secure. The parasail is then attached to a tow rope. The captain of the boat will explain the basic safety precautions. As the boat moves, the parasail soars to a height of up to 600 feet above water.

Included in the Miami parasailing packages are usually videos and photos which will be professionally taken by the boat crew. It is permitted to take one’s own camera and video recorder but at their own risk because the devices might get wet during the boat ride. Friends and family members can also ride on the boat for an extra fee. It all depends on the boat’s capacity.

Advantages of Miami parasailing

Miami is a beautiful city and parasailing is one of the best ways to get an overview of its landscapes and cityscape. One of the most popular parasailing places is the South Beach. While parasailing in the ocean, one may be able to view rare sea creatures such as turtles and manta rays. There are also sandbars and schools of tropical fishes. The inland view includes the cityscape. While on the parasail, the view can include the Miami Beach Marina, Ocean Drive, Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay.

Miami has a tropical monsoon climate with mostly summers that are hot and humid and normally very short dry winters. Because of Miami’s fine weather, booking for a parasailing activity can be done majority of the year. Anyone interested in water sports should definitely try Miami parasailing at least once in their lives.

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Miami Parasailing Tours by Half Price Tour Tickets can be found at http://www.halfpricetourtickets.com/miami-tours/miami-parasailing-tours/ Miami Beach Parasail does not require reservations, just call ahead to make sure weather conditions are good and that they are operating on that day.

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