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Half Price Tour Tickets

Miami Skydiving

$399.00 $249.00
(You save $150.00)

Miami Skydiving

$399.00 $249.00
(You save $150.00)

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(First time jumpers get free training)

Price List:
Miami Tours

Miami Skydiving Tours:

(Terminal Price $399.00)

*Shuttle round-trip for up to 7 people add $99.00 for the group.



  • First time jumper training
  • Up to 15 people per flight
  • 1 full Minute falling
  • Shuttle from South Beach Available



-Departure dates: Daily
-Duration: 1 minute of free-fall and 4-7 minutes guided fall.
-Departure time: Any time between 9am or 5pm
-Departure: Port location disclosed at confirmation time.

If you need shuttle service roundtrip, departure can be from any hotel in the area or our terminal at:

  • 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 :: (MAIN OFFICE)
  • 235 9th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (9th Street Office)
  • 1599 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (16th Street Office)
  • Hotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet


- Requirements: Must be over 18 years old. Please reserve 24 hours ahead of time and after you get confirmation number, please call to confirm.


Miami Skydiving Attraction

Miami is a wonderful city filled with thrills and excitement around each and every corner. A lot of tours bring out the excitement of Miami and show you how to have a great time in this city. Each and every tour shows you Miami in its own unique way, the Miami City tour shows you the city by bus and narration, the Miami boat tour shows you the city from the water. The Everglades tour shows you the naturalistic side of Florida and the many islands that reside there. But only one activity truly gives you the thrill of Miami and the entire view of the cities. The Miami Skydive, ever heard somebody say “I want to go skydiving before I die.” Well don’t wait that long book a skydive today and just in time for spring break where the skies are blue, clear and the weather is perfect.

Skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience, if you’re afraid of heights, this is the chance to overcome that silly fear. When skydiving it gives you the perfect view of South Florida, a view you can’t obtain unless you go on this 60 second rush, once you go skydiving once you just can’t get enough of it, it’s the thrill of a lifetime. Safety is our #1 priority, all our equipment is checked each and every time we go on a jump by trained professionals. We also offer skydiving certification, where you can become a certified skydiving yourself, and once you achieve that status, you can go on skydives by yourself whenever you want, you can even be a trainer. Sky Diving is an excellent activity and will be the most exciting 60 seconds of your life.




The safest, most exciting way to experience your first Skydive in Miami will be with Half Price Tour Tickets Miami Skydiving Tours. Since 1998 the skydiving tours of Miami gives tourists the opportunity for a full training for first time skydivers and then to a free-fall from 13,500 ft.

Turn your Dream of Flying into reality. Fly on a Tandem skydive, complete a Student Program , and live the Dream.

*Free bottle water upon request, when reserved the Miami boat tours online.

For your convenience we have Maps available
(Printable MiamiMap.pdf)

(For more maps, cick here)

Parking Garages / Availbale pickup terminals



Miami Skydiving tours review on 2/17/2012


In Miami, the Tandem Skydiving is the most popular skydive tour for tourists doing their first sky jump as it don't really need much of a training (less than an hour training) while maintaining a high degree of safety. For most of your first jumps you will be attached to the front of your instructor's harness for the whole skydive ride. This makes for the safest and most exciting way to experience skydiving in Miami.

When you are ready, the first jump will consist of 40-60 seconds of freefall followed by a canopy ride that lasts anywhere from 4 to 7 minutes. When its the right time, the instructor will encouraged you to steer the parachute as long as it deems conditions to be safe, you may also do flips and turns (steer yourself) in freefall!


What Would Make Skydiving In Miami More Exciting

There are plenty of activities to enjoy in your trip to Florida such as skydiving in Miami. No adrenaline junkie can resist the thrill of jumping out from an airplane, free fall from a thousand feet high and bask at the glorious scenery. No doubt, skydiving is one of the things people wish they could do before they part this world. And it is not just for the thrill seekers. First-timers and enthusiasts alike can all marvel at a skydiving adventure specifically in Miami, Florida.

One of the most apparent reasons why you should prefer to skydive in Miami is because of the glorious scenery Florida has to offer and not to mention, the pleasant and favorable weather. Such will only make your jump much more enjoyable, one that the Midwest may not be able to guarantee. Moreover, there are numerous skydiving operators in Miami and you should not have any trouble finding the best one with the best package. But you have to make sure you make the necessary reservations ahead of time. Check out a skydiving operator in Miami that assure safety with topnotch equipments and facilities at the best prices possible.

There is no reason for you to feel jumpy about the idea. The key is to find a reliable operator in Miami you can trust your life with. And to make your skydiving in Miami adventure much more worthwhile, you have to keep the following things in mind. For your safety, be reminded about the skydiving rules and regulations in Miami. First, to be allowed to jump, you should be at the age of 18 or above. Make sure you have a proof of your age at hand. Second, be mindful about the weight limit. If you weigh at a range of 20 and 235 lbs, you are cleared. However, this may vary from one operator to another. In any case, this is something you should particularly look into when searching for skydiving opportunities in Miami.Another matter that you should be mindful about is the one absolute rule for skydivers in Miami. That is no drinking allowed. Make sure you do not take any dosage of alcohol before going to the jumping center. You will not be allowed to jump unless you are absolutely clean. Any sign of alcohol consumption can dispel you from the list and it does not even matter how much you pay to get back in.

Aside from safety precautions, you should also look into the most favorable climate for your jump. In sunny Florida, a pleasant weather is not difficult to come by. Bear in mind that a jump at a sunny day makes the jumper much more fortunate. Finally, check out the jump options the operators provide. You can possibly have a breathtaking view of the Everglades, the Keys, the panoramic beach, inland areas and bask at the marvelous water scenery. Add this on your checklist for skydiving in Miami and you will surely have the most excitingly amazing 60 seconds of a lifetime!

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