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Miami Walking Tours:

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Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

Miami Beach's Art Deco Architectural Historic District in South Beach has the largest concentration of art deco buildings in the world. These Walking tours make anyone interested in art, design, architecture, history, preservation, urban planning, and community development.

Half Price Tour Tickets audio Miami walking tours are conducted by local historians and architects and are an excellent introduction to art deco and Mediterranean revival architecture and a great way to see the entire Miami Beach Architectural Historic District. Self-guided tours on digital audio equipment are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German. All tours depart from Half Price Tour Tickets location.


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On Your Feet: The Beauty of Miami Walking Tours



These busy days, it's a rare privilege for us to just go out and stroll around, which is why we should take advantage of Miami Walking Tours. Despite the modern conveniences we have as travelers, we must still find time to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings by simply walking around and observing. It's the essence of exploring after all. Bits and pieces of history can be found everywhere we look, and Miami is definitely one of the places worth looking into.



Upon stepping onto Miami Beach, you'll find the many wonders it has to offer. From the fascinating art to the riveting architecture, you'll feel like you're in a different place and a different time. Just take your pick and you don't have to worry about a thing. There's no need to keep up with strangers to enjoy the sights. You can just get on your feet and go, inhaling the charm of every scene at your own pace.



For one of the best Miami Walking Tours you'll ever have, try visiting the famous Art Deco Architectural Historic District. Aside from its breathtaking view of the white sand, this top tourist spot in South Beach has everything you want if you're attracted to the beauty of history. You'll feel as though you've traveled to the past, when the city was home to Spanish-style mansions and parties at the most splendid hotels. All this and more can be found right in the heart of Miami.



The Art Deco District houses structures that were built between 1923 and 1943. There are hundreds of incredible sights there, and you can just walk up to them for a closer look. Bright and ravishing colors will greet you every time you turn your head. The classy neon lights and palm trees silhouetting the area are also a sight to behold. One of the neighborhood's prime spots is The Park Central Hotel. It was built in the 1930s and was known for the numerous Hollywood stars who stayed there. Any visitor who steps inside can get a feel of what it was like for celebrities such as Clark Gable and Rita Hayworth during their time.



The lavish and eclectic art deco designs continue to the other hotels located in that district of Miami, but there are lots more to see and experience. Bars and cafes are found conveniently around the area, and most of them boast of authentic cuisine you'd want to come back to. You won't run out of comfort foods like french toast, or drinks like your classic martini.



Simply keep on strolling to find the best of Miami. The beach isn't the only place worth visiting in this historical goldmine. Watch as the sun rises and sets on the towering art deco hotels that comprise the cityscape, their distinct geometric architecture contrasting the subtle waves of the water. Imagine, these unique buildings and beautiful sights would have been destroyed if no one tried to preserve them. We're lucky to have these now as part of Miami Walking Tours, where we get to relive history at our own leisure.


Go for a Walk on the Wildside on a Miami Walking Tour


Miami, with its white sand beaches and tropical climate, offers the perfect excuse to indulge in a walking tour. The city offers self-guided tours, so that tourists can admire the scenic city at their own pace. The tours are available in several languages and point out all the historic view-points. Miami walking tours include South Beach, Coconut Grove, and Downtown Miami.

Miami walking tours include some must-sees. The Art Deco Historic District, the Park Central Hotel, museums, and culinary adventures make the tour a memorable one. Just remember, if you attempt to tackle this tour in the summer time, bring some water with you and possibly a second shirt.

Inspired by ocean liners from the 1930s, the buildings of Art Deco District showcase porthole windows, ship railings, flags, and glass blocks. True to its name, it signifies a unique style of architecture on the outside with splendorous views of the decor inside. Several hotels are open for sight-seeing in the district. A walking tour of Miami can easily include these on the walk down Ocean Drive.

One of the key attractions of the district is the Park Central Hotel on Ocean Drive. The luxurious hotel, nicknamed “The Blue Jewel”, has housed famous Hollywood celebrities through the 1900s. Renovated in 1987, the hotel was the first one to be completely restored to its former grandeur, and as a result is a hot-spot not only as a sight, but also as an option for accommodation.

Boasting of early 20th century architecture, Lummus Park hosts the SoBe Wine and Food Festival in February. It is also known as one of the last residential neighborhoods near Downtown Miami.

From Past to Present

Walking along Ocean Drive, the beach forms a visual border on one side, the other side lined by architectural splendor. Neon lights and pastel colors characterise the skyline view of the city. Home to fashion, entertainment, performing arts, and music, the culture of Miami boasts of a mix of pop-culture and historic architecture. The multitude of cafes and hotels allow for a wide choice of culinary insights to choose from. The day can end with a shopping spree along Lincoln road, an outdoor mall for pedestrians only.

Engaging in a Miami walking tour is recommended on the first day itself, since it will help familiarize you with the area and the next few days you can branch out and see what you want to see with more detail and at your own pace. Pointing out the key areas to hang out, it helps streamline one’s holiday itinerary.

Acting and Fame

To tourists interested in history, it provides a fantastic and indelible insight on the culture of the city, including museums to visit and buildings to inspect. Hollywood fans also have a lot to see, learning about last generation acting stalwarts, to catching glimpses of the lives of present day actors. For the artistically inclined, a Miami walking tour will help them explore first-hand the performing arts on display. Musicians and theater actors enrich the experience of a stay in Miami.

If for no other reason, Miami’s beaches are a relaxing incentive to the seasoned traveller. The orange tinged sunsets, the calming seaside views and the white sand shores are perfect to walk along. The multitude of hotels offers a spectacular and sterling nightlife to indulge in too.

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