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Miami Tours


Miami Water Taxi Tours:

(Terminal Price $39.00)

*Children 0-2 goes for free.



  • Transportation Round Trip.
  • Ticket for Water Taxi tour.
  • Free bottle of water (U.R.) At our terminals only.




-Departure dates: Daily
-Duration: 60 Minutes.
-Departure time: 9:15 AM or 1:30 PM
-Departure for shuttle from Miami Beach:

  • 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 :: (MAIN OFFICE)
  • 235 9th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (9th Street Office)
  • 1599 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 :: (16th Street Office)
  • Hotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet

1:30 PM or 4:30 PM (Approximately)
(Morning tour has more shopping time than the afternoon tour)


When you think of taxi’s you imagine yellow cars chauffeuring people around to their destinations swiftly, but have you ever heard of a water taxi? The water taxi is a one of a kind tour in Miami Beach that takes place around the beautiful waters of Miami. It is also a service to tourists and locals alike, just how taxi’s take people around on land to their destinations the water taxi does the same thing but in the water instead, which is convenient because it gives you access to so many places in the water, such as islands you can’t reach on land but require a boat. The water taxi has many different stops you can hop on and hop off at, including some of the Miami Beach marina located in beautiful South Pointe, here you can find many great shops and top notch restaurants such as the famous Joe’s Stone Crab and Smith & Wollensky’s.

You can also find the famous Nikki Beach club and resort, and close access to the beach as well. Another stop is the bayside market place which is located in Miami, this spot gives you access to many places like the Port of Miami, the American Airlines Arena where the famous NBA team Miami Heat plays, another great spot for you sports fans is the Finnegan’s on the river, a great spot for fans to watch the game and having a great time and a great view. The water taxi has great deals and Florida residents can even purchase a year pass, meaning you can hop on and off the water taxi whenever you please for an entire year for a great deal of $180. So if you want to have a great water experience then book the water taxi tour!

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Choose Your Own Miami Water Taxi Adventure

Traffic is one of the biggest problems on the street, but that doesn't apply to the one-of-a-kind Miami Water Taxi. Instead of a concrete jungle filled with noisy yellow vehicles, you'll be surrounded by the calming hues of blue and the sounds of waves splashing around you. It's a different spin on your typical Miami Beach tour. Instead of just suntanning on the shore or merely swimming, you get to ride a cab that glides as you explore the beauty above and under the sea.

The water taxi isn't just for sight-seeing, although that's one of its many advantages. This commuter boat has specific spots for pick-up and drop-off around Miami. Both tourists and locals have experienced the practical side of riding a water taxi, making it easy and enjoyable for anyone to get around. The city offers several locations that cater to water taxis. You simply pick one and you're off to your own adventure.

One advantage of the Miami Water Taxi is that it gives you access to spots in the water that you simply can't reach by swimming. There are extraordinary islands for you to visit, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants at each port. These are just a few reasons why this cruise has grown to be very popular.

Among the many stops made by the water taxi is the Bayside Marketplace. It's found at Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami, famous for its exotic cuisines and other leisure activities. While waiting for your ride, why not have a look around? There's live entertainment at local bars, as well as a buzzing marketplace and several cafes. Sports fans will be glad to know that it's home to the American Airlines Arena, where NBA's Miami Heat plays. It's also where you can find the famed Port of Miami, the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, and the historical Freedom Tower.

The water taxi tour has also branched out to the Miami Beach Marina, where you can find art museums and other points of interest. Some of the quirkier spots here are the Botanical Gardens, the World Erotic Art Museum, the Jackie Gleason Theater, and the Holocaust Museum. Those who prefer a more modern style will enjoy the sights downtown, as well as the breathtaking skyline that Miami is known for.

As for those daring island-hoppers, the water taxi also stops over at Fisher Island and Star Island. Both are extravagant places that are known for their abundance of mansions and private institutions. Catch a peek at the lifestyles of the rich and famous when you step on these islands. But aside from the communities and houses, there are also schools, an observatory, and even celebrities, if you're lucky.

Whether you're up for an adventure or just want a laid-back tour of the city, the Miami Water Taxi is a wonderful way to get around. You can relax and let loose, because it will take you to where you want to go. Keep in mind that while it's great to enjoy the destination, the ride should be just as fun.



Miami Water Taxi tours review on 2/13/2012

Everyone I know loves to do Miami tours when they are vacationing in southern Florida. Miami is such a diverse city with so many different things to see and do, that the only way to make sure you can do it and see it all is by taking some Miami tours. Most people think that when they go on vacation to Miami that they are just going to be relaxing and resting on the beach. Soon however they find out that they are running around doing a lot of different tours and activities. Miami Beach is saturated with different companies that specialize specifically in selling tours and activities to the tourists. They use various sales tactics to appeal to the tourists and get them to take their Miami tours and do their activities.

One of the most popular tours is the Miami Water Taxi tour. Every time I have been pitched to take the Miami Water Taxi tour, no matter what company was trying to sell this activity to me it was always coupled together with the Bay of Biscayne boat cruise tour. Usually the tour company will make you feel like you are getting a deal by getting the boat cruise for free when you pay for the Miami Water Taxi tour.

As it happens this is actually true because if you don't haggle and barter with these sales people you very well could end up paying for both separately which basically doubles the cost of your tours. I found however though almost everytime I am approached by a sales person they throw in the package deals. So it must mean that they have a lot of leeway as far as their pricing goes.

Of course you could always bypass the means of buying your Miami this way entirely by getting on your computer and searching for Miami Water Taxi tours and Miami tours online. All you have to do is type those words into the search engine that you like to use the most and you will get a variety of different websites to come up that are offering deals and specials on their Miami activities. I have personally found that my favorite website to go to is one that is called halfpricetourtickets.com. This is a magnificent Miami tours website that really does offer their tickets at half price. Another thing that I love about this website is the fact that they guarantee the lowest prices you can find. So if you do happen to run across another company having a special that is selling their tickets cheaper than Half Price Tour Tickets, then they will make up the difference by giving you the monetary difference back.

So now every time I am traveling down to Miami Beach I make sure to go on this website first and get all of my tours and activities right then and there. As I said it is very surprising how many things there are to do down in Miami I have been there about 15 times now and I still have not seen everything and done everything that there is to do! I too went to Miami the first time thinking that it was just a relaxed, laid back town but I found out that there are just too many great things to experience in this beautiful city to pass up. So hopefully I've saved you have some time and money after reading this article.


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The Miami Water Taxi at http://www.halfpricetourtickets.com/miami-tours/water-taxi-tours/ tour, takes place on a 60-minute narrated boat cruise departing from Bayside and all the way through Biscayne Bay, where you will see Miami's spectacular waterway, including the downtown Miami skyline, Miami Beach, Port of Miami, Fisher Island, and Star Island, MIAMI TOURS of the rich and famous. Beverages and light snacks are available for purchase onboard.

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