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Segway Rental

Explore South Beach on a Segway Tour

Segway Tours are an easy, eco-friendly way of touring South Beach with a guide. The electric vehicles are easy to maneuver and enable you to see all of the sights along South Beach for an eight mile stretch. The tours begin with a training session and you will be accompanies by a bilingual guide – English and Spanish.

Duration: Segway Tours last between 1 hour to two hours and cover an eight mile stretch in South Beach.

Points of Interest: The Segway Tours will cover the main shopping and entertainment district of South Beach. You will go past the Art Deco hotels that are reminiscent of a bygone era of splendor. The pastel colored buildings are mostly hotels now, some shaped like ships with portholes for windows and others in the more traditionally rectilinear shape. You will also go past the Casa Casuarina, the mansion where the designer Versace was shot dead at point blank range. The luxury home is now an exclusive club. Other attractions include the Lincoln Road outdoor mall, the Holocaust Memorial, and the Bass Museum of Art.

Enjoy the Sun and the Breeze: The Segway Tours provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the sun and the breeze even as you enjoy the sights of Miami.

Safe and Easy to Use: The Segway Tours are safe as the vehicle is self-balancing. You will be provided with a helmet and anyone over the age of 12 can use one safely. Riders have to simply lean back to move back and forward to move forward. The steering bar should be turned left to turn left and right to turn right. The power of the vehicle ensures that you do not get tired during the sightseeing trip. Anyone who can climb on to an eight inch step and weighs less  than 250 pounds can safely use a Segway.

Wet Weather Conditions: Miami enjoys mostly sunny weather though occasion short showers can also occur. The Segway tours guide will be willing to start the tour even if it rains, those guests can cancel if they are uncomfortable. The short bursts of rain stop quickly and guests who are dressed for a combination of rain and sun will be able to enjoy the experience of coasting down South Beach taking in the sights through a light shower of warm sun.

Advantages: The main advantages of the Segway Tours are their eco-friendly nature and ease of maneuverability. Use the Segways to tour South Beach and be happy about your decision not to contribute to the pollution with this beautiful holiday destination. The two-wheeled personal transport vehicles are ideal for those who are not comfortable about using bicycles or scooters but want the maneuverability of a smaller vehicle without having to expend energy walking or cycling around the place. The knowledgeable guide will ensure that you do not miss any of the attractions in South Beach even as you enjoy a relaxed trip.



Personalize Segway Tours and Experience Miami Like Never Before

Planning a vacation to the sunny and lively city of Miami? Well, then brace for a wonderful Segway ride along the sandy coasts and various tourist attractions that the city has to offer. Forget the conventional style of touring and try out the unique and different Segway tour. This can increase your chances of having a thrilling and memorable tourist experience in this vibrant and amazing city.

Why Miami Tours and Segway Tours? What are these tours and rentals and how are they better than the conventional ones? These Segway Tours involve two-wheeled vehicles, which are capable of seating one adults and zooming around the city at a steady 12.5 mph. Obviously they are not meant for highway riding. It is a personalized version of the bulk and uniform travel packages. Now you have the freedom to see what you want. Miami tours and rentals allow vacationers to roam around freely and decide what tourist destination to stop at and which ones to skip. If traveling in a group or with your family, you can rent multiple vehicles and travel caravan style!

There is no need to worry about getting lost or carrying maps, as all these vehicles are equipped with the latest GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, which assists in locating all the interesting tourist spots and attractions.

Customize Your Vacation: You have complete control over your schedule, along with much more privacy. This is what Miami tours and rentals have to offer. No preset stop points or destinations! Vacationers enjoy complete freedom to stop anywhere for a quick photo session, walk in the local parks (not feeding the alligators!), or even stop for a snack at one of the popular local cafés or restaurants. Remember though, these can be pretty hot to use in the summer time. It is up to your predilection; no one is going to force your hand!

A trip to South Beach, Ocean Drive, or Lincoln Road, and one can see many other people riding these Segways in Miami and experiencing this wonderful and beautiful city. People can explore the unlisted places of attraction and experience firsthand the real Miami. Cruise along the streets and neighborhoods of Miami, to places where buses can’t reach, and what other sightseeing packages don’t offer. 

It’s a custom made travel package, and the best part – vacationers have the freedom and liberty to make the package themselves! Where to stop, when to stop, what to see, how much time to spend – the wonderful Miami tours and rentals allow vacationers to plan every single detail of this outstanding sightseeing trip. 

Even more Reasons to Choose a Segway Rental or Segway Tour: Typically, a regular tour package is expensive, but this does not mean that this custom made, personalized package is exorbitantly priced and meant just for the rich. On the contrary, these Segway Tours in Miami are reasonably priced and people from all walks of life can enjoy an exhilarating and thrilling tour of the city. 

The Segway Tours or Segway Rentals in Miami can be on an hourly basis, weekly, or even for the entire weekend. Miami tours and rentals can be ordered also for a span of one to four hours or for a whole day, with the day starting at 9:00 am and ending at 9:00 pm.

Necessary Rules to Follow: Before riding these unique and versatile vehicles, riders are given a 10-minute safety briefing. Even helmets are supplied free of cost with all Segway Tours. A few formalities, such as adhering to the minimum weight of 60 lbs and paying a deposit, have to be fulfilled and vacationers are ready to enjoy these rentals in Miami.