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Miami to Key West

Miami to Key West


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Miami to Key West Tours | $49

Snorkeling and other Activites Available.

Key West Tour Pictures

arrow.gif Round Trip Transportation to and from Miami.
arrow.gif Hotel Pickup in Miami and Drop-off.
arrow.gif Full Map of Key West.
arrow.gif Full History and Showcase.
arrow.gif Key West 1 Day Tour. 


  • Miami Departure Dates: Daily - Non Stop Service
  • Miami Depature Times:6:45AM
  • Duration: 15 Hours
  • Miami Return Time: 10:00PM (Approximately)


Miami Pickup Locations
arrow.gif 1657 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, Fl 33139 (Main Terminal)
arrow.gif 235 9th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139
arrow.gif Hotel Pick Up Available! Click here for time sheet

After Booking Reservation, Please call to confirm

Check-in Return Time from Key West to Miami


-------Whitehead St & Greene St, Key West, FL 33040


Time: 5:30PM

Tour Highlights

Key West is an island parasise full of many wonders, below is a list of the city's highlights.

arrow.gif Key West Aquarium.

A fun and entertaining attraction for both adults and children alike; upgrade your trip from Miami to Key West with a visit to its aquarium. With many exhibits, tanks and shows to entertain their guests, this will end up being not only a fun journey but also an educational one. You can experience touching live sharks or maybe seeing the wetlands without ever boarding an airboat in this incredible aquarium that encompasses the best of Miami. You can explore the many wonders of the underwater world and have somebody there to answer any and every question you might have; there is no better way to look into this astonishing and yet completely different world.

arrow.gif Miami/Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

Experience nature at its best in this stunning conservatory! If you are looking for a more relaxed encounter then this is the perfect attraction for you and your whole family. This is a climate controlled and also glass enclosed habitat to nurture many types of butterflies. In this conservatory you can get up close and personal not only to over 50 different types of butterflies but also to live caterpillars, mid-age and in the process of developing into more beautiful butterflies. You will also be able to learn about a butterfly’s lifecycle, anatomy and so much more! Unwind from your day as you watch these beautiful butterflies settle down and float around this magnificent conservatory… you will wish you could fly with them.

arrow.gif Audubon House & Tropical Gardens.

The perfect combination between history and natural beauty! It is a 19th century house that has been preserved and turned into an exhibit along with its astounding tropical garden. It was arranged to be demolished before it was saved by the Wolfson family, and now it is an amazing historical and educational attraction. It holds an immense collection of art from John James Audubon, which is from where it receives its current name. Among other beauties this house preserves is also the astonishing garden outside the house, which would leave anyone breathless. Come and visit this remarkable attraction, believe us you won’t regret it.

arrow.gif Hemingway Home and Museum.

This house now turned museum was the home of respected and esteemed writer Ernest Hemingway. This astonishing home is located in the heart of Old Town Key West and welcomes many tourists and guests on a regular basis. It is currently a museum open to the public to visit and experience. Besides being open to the public, the house is also available to hold private events such as weddings or others. Come explore the house, rooms, gardens and many legendary cats that call this house their home…

arrow.gif Harry S Truman Little White House.

If you are a history buff or just want to learn what happened that made things what they are today then this is the attraction you are after! The Harry S. Truman Little White House is a history vault, you will not find any other place in Key West with more history behind it or that has seen more action. With just the mention of it being used during 3 major American wars is enough to be able to tell that this house has an immense history behind it. Though in the past its purpose was to be utilized as a Naval Station it also served as a vacation home for many honorable citizens. In our time it is a museum and a constant reminder of our precious American heritage for all of our upcoming generations to hold.

arrow.gif Key West Shipwreck Museum.

The Shipwreck Museum isn’t just a boring museum; it’s a whole experience unlike any other in town. It combines films, actors, and artifacts to teach you about the shipwreck era of Miami/Key West. You’ll learn about how it provided for the pioneers of the island as well. The 65’ foot guard tower is completely stable, and a great way to get a look at Miami/Key West in its entirety.

arrow.gif Mel Fisher Museum.

The Mel Fisher Museum is a maritime museum containing shipwreck artifacts from the 17th century. The museum’s society specializes in underwater archaeology and conservation, so this museum staff really knows what they’re talking about. The museum’s mission is to educate the public on maritime information, so you’ll be learning a plethora of information if you decide to check out this attraction.

arrow.gif Ripley's Believe It or Not!

If you haven’t heard of Ripley’s Believe It or Not before, then you’re about to discover the most bizarre museum you’ve ever heard of. Boasting over five hundred unique exhibits, the Key West Ripley’s is unlike any other because it combines the culture of the island with the Odditorium experience. Shrunken heads, two headed animals, and art made out of toast are just a few of the things you’ll see in the world’s weirdest museum.  

arrow.gif Red Barn Theatre.

The Red Barn Theatre started out a humble play house in an obsolete carriage house and has impressively grown into what it is today. The theatre is known for creating quality productions in the small space the actors have to work with. Big names such as children’s writer Shel Silverstein have allowed the theatre to produce some of his very grown up plays. This gem isn’t something to be overlooked while visiting the island.

arrow.gif Waterfront Playhouse.

The Waterfront Playhouse is a Miami to Key West cultural icon. Over fifty years old, this historic playhouse has been newly renovated and has a variety of shows, such as Reefer Madness and Carl Hiaasen’s Lucky You, running year round. Their goal is to bring high quality theatre to Miami/Key West, so you’re bound to have your mind stimulated by dynamic plot lines and have a blast watching a great production.


And many more!

Related Services


Miami to Key West Shuttle is a quick and easy transportation service that allows you to reach the island within 3 hours. The service is provided daily and on major holidays as well, they also provide various Miami/Key West tours as well.

Combo Price List


Miami to Key West Tour $49 -----
Jet Ski Rental and/or Tour in Key West $139 $124 Original Price = $139
Glass Bottom Boat in Key West $65 $60 Original Price = $139
Parasailing in Key West $65 $60 Original Price = $139
Snorkeling in Key West $45 $40 Original Price = $139
Shuttle Round-Trip Miami to Key West $49 -----
Shuttle Round-Trip From Key West to Miami $49 -----
Shuttle 1 Way From Key West to Miami $39 -----
Shuttle 1 Way From Miami to Key West $39 -----


From Miami to Key West it’s about a 4 hour bus trip through more than 40 different islands. Trip includes one stop for 30 minutes so riders can purchase food and take a restroom break. We will arrive to Key West at the Mel Fisher Museum (Whitehead St @ Greene St) around 11:30am, from there you have 6 hours of free time on the island to explore its many wonders!

With Snorkeling

Your adventure starts at the Mel Fisher Museum around 12:00pm after all the other passenger get off the bus. You will remain seated and the driver will drop you off at the marina where you will be boarding a Catamaran ship departing at 1:00pm to the coral reef. It is a 35 minute boat ride to the reef, and you will arrive at 1:35pm. You will enjoy the spectacular underwater beauty that is the coral reef for about 1 ½ hours (depending on ocean conditions). Once finished, you will board the ship and head back to the marina in Key West at around 4:30pm. You will still have the opportunity to enjoy the island until almost sunset and meet at the departure point by 5:45pm to head back to Miami.


F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. What is the distance from Miami to Key West?

Key West is right around the neighborhood, around 161 miles away from Miami whih is roughly 3 hours away driving depending on traffic. For those of you who don't use miles it's 259 Kilometers away.

2. Is there a Miami to Key West Ferry?

Unfortunately not at the moment in Miami but we're working very hard to provide this service for everyone and like always it will be at our amazing discounted prices, as soon as it's available we'll add the product.

3. How many passengers take the bus from Miami to Key West?

Since Miami/Key West is a popular vacation destination many people take it every day, but it really depends on the time of year, usually most people go to Miami/Key West during the winter around the holiday season and during the summer. Don't worry though we have multiple 57 passenger luxury coach buses to make sure we keep up with the demand.

4. Can we rent the whole Miami to Key West bus?

Absolutely, and you'll receive a huge discount as well, this can be arranged by contracting us via email or calling our main office directly at (305) 444-0707.

5. What is included with the transportation from Miami to Key West?

Aside from the round trip transportation in Miami, we also provide free hotel pickup, depending whether or not your hotel is on our list we'll be able to pick you up, we cover the majority of hotels in Miami Beach so check it out! Chances are your hotel is on the list.

6. If I want to drive to Key West myself are there instructions on how to get from Miami to Key West?

Google is your best friend when it comes to researching and finding information, here’s a step by step guide on how to get to Miami/Key West via car. Click here

7. Is there any Miami to Key West cruise available?

We're also working on providing a cruise to Miami/Key West, as soon as it's available we're going to add it to the product list.

8. How do you get to Key West from Miami?

Half Price Tour Tickets offers daily Miami tours and shuttles from Miami to Key West daily.

9. Is it safe to travel from Miami to Key West by car?

If you're a new comer to the state of Florida we don't recommend driving there without a GPS because you can get lost without one.

10. Do you only do one day from Miami to Key West or can we stay multiple days?

We don't only offer same day round trips to Key West, now you have the option to return any other day you want for an additional $30.

11. Do you offer the Snorkeling, Trolley Tours or the Ghost Tour in Key West?

As for now, we only offer the snorkeling tours in Key West.



Sea in Autumn through Glass Bottom

But those of you not feeling that blessed might want to keep your Miami to Key West trip short and sweet. Then hop on the 65 foot tall Spirit of Pennekamp, a high speed catamaran that glides across turquoise blue waters through many a flora and fauna giving you a chance to observe the underwater life from a distance. Children love spotting seashells, sharks, elkhorns, turtles, sponges, barracudas, parrotfish, sea horses and stingrays through its vivid glass bottom bars. Get a glimpse of favorite Key West attractions such as the colorful Florida Reef Tract, which though looks sturdy but is actually quite vulnerable.

The glass bottom boat can be closed or open air with comfortable seats. The boat can be of two designs, the modern twin hull or the traditional V-hull. During summers you can hop on a closed glass bottom boat packed with an air conditioner to avoid the scorching sunshine. The best part is that anytime you can jump off the boat into the enticing waters and swim along with the sea dwellers and playful dolphins. A well informed captain will give you an informative eco-tour about the diverse ecosystem that inhabits this wonderland. Watch the mysterious seascape change as you move away from the scenic shoreline of Key West out into the glittering waters into the Gulf of Mexico. A serene glass bottom boat tour provides windows to the stunning underwater reef that this island is famous for.

See and Sing While Kayaking

When the sea has to be traversed more than land, kayaking is a preferred mode of water transportation from Miami to Key West. Key Largo is a premier kayaking destination from where tourists sail off to explore the mangrove ecosystem by paddling through a maze of canals and streams. Glide over lots of shallow water in different shades of blue to discover the prosperous marine flora and fauna abound. Sail through the crystal clear waters as you come across baitfish moving beneath your boats, undulated jellyfish lying in small pools and tiny crabs scampered in muddy waters.

While navigating your motorboat through the flats spot purple corals, sport fish, canary yellow fish, rays, sharks, and an array of tropical birds. Sail through the mostly-isolated white-sand beaches and you might come across a stunning blue heron while it is preying on a slimy yellow water snake. You might see an iguana peering out from the mangroves, red crabs firmly seated on a damp rock, a nurse shark rippling through the otherwise mirror-calm waters. Sail over thick sea grass beds and through narrow tunnels which might have an opening the size of a kid’s bedroom. For beginners usually the kayak is a stable and short sit-on-top with an open cockpit. For overnight trips or longer excursions, longer boats with compartments for storage are preferred. And mother ships are sizable motorboats used for secluded paddles for shuttling to isolated areas.

Escapade Saga on Islamorada

Moving on a Miami to Key West bus you will pass through the ‘Village of Islands’ of Islamorada, home to the highest point above sea level in the Keys. Theater of the Sea is a marine mammal theatre set up on Windley Key in 1946. Children love watching shows performed by bottlenose dolphins as they swim in, ring a bell and jump through a hoop. California sea lions, sting rays, lizards, crocodilians, sea turtles and sharks are some of the other marine life species found here.

Nature lovers would enjoy sighting trees like the Holywood Lignum-vitae, Gumbo-limbo, False Mastic, Pigeonplum, Florida Strangler Fig, and Poisonwood at the Lignumvitae Key Botanical State Park. Another attraction is a renovated building, leftover of a small home with a windmill built by William John Matheson, a wealthy Miami chemist. Lignumvitae Key Aquatic Preserve has over 7,000 acres of sea-grass beds meadows and mangrove wetlands. The interesting San Pedro Underwater Archaeological Preserve State Park is located near the ghost town of Indian Key, whose sole inhabitant until little later than 1880s was a wrecker called William Bethel. The striking Alligator Reef Light is located near the Alligator Reef in Matecumbe Keys. The sandy Anne's Beach named after a local environmentalist Anne Eaton is situated in Lower Matecumbe Key.

Adrenaline Glee on a Jet Ski

One of the best ways to check out the Key West backcountry is during a thrilling ride aboard a Jet Ski or a wave runner. Feel the adrenaline rush when these state-of-the-art watercrafts glide across pristine blue waters past remote islands scattered here and there. Jetting past the Southernmost Point at Mallory Square, it is possible that you may spot a local sea turtle or sociable bottlenose dolphin.

Tourists who travel from Miami to Key West to observe the natural habitat of the rich marine flora and fauna find Jet Skiing an exhilarating option for sightseeing. A stop at the sandbar during a28-mile Jet Ski tour is one of the most favorite parts of this ride. Get off your Jet Ski and take a dip in the resplendent waters to refresh yourself, of course not without clicking a few pictures with your waterproof camera. This adventure is suited for both beginners and expert Jet Ski riders.

You can even tour with a knowledgeable and experienced guide who will tell you about the rich history of this magnificent island. Children aged 5 years and above can get off the watercraft to swim and play with the sweet dolphins and have fun in this giant natural swimming pole known as the ocean.

A typical Jet Ski ride can last anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes, enough to relish in the stunning beauty that encompasses this paradise island. You can ride solo, or even better along with a friend, and pivot or slow down anywhere you feel like to soak in the spirit of relaxation within the backdrop of the magnificent scenery or maybe a romantic and stellar sunset. Sunsets are always better when scene from on the water. 

Wishing Animal in Fishing Capital

Keys are known as the ‘Fishing Capital of the World’ for recording more saltwater compared to any other angling destination in the world. This attracts many saltwater and freshwater anglers to travel from Miami to Key West and visit this fishing Mecca that hosts several sports fishing tournaments. One such hotspot is the Marathon Hump located right about in the middle of the Gulf Stream. You can either bring your boat or hire a charter boat and apply your fishing skills in the spotless waters.

Surrounded by stunning flats and vast stretches of mangrove fields in the Gulf Streams, Backcountry or Flats Fishing is perfect for catching fishes like permit, snook, barracuda, jacks, sea trout, redfish, tarpon, and bonefish. Try deep sea fishing by as much as 1,500 feet deep down and you might be rewarded with a billfish. Tuna, ceros, dorado, wahoo, cobia, and snapper can be caught during Light Tackle Fishing, one of the most easy charter in Florida Keys. If you want to make the most of the spectacular coral reefs and wrecks found in the Key waters go in for Wreck Fishing and Reef Fishing. Apart from Harbor Fishing, fishing from the Long Key Bridge, Old Seven Mile Bridge, and bridges at Toms Harbor, known as Bridge Fishing, is ideal choice if you don’t have a boat and just want to ‘wet a line’. A Party Boat is preferred for an economical means of fishing.

Not a Race, Marathon the Place

Some fishing enthusiasts travel from Miami to Key West to follow in the footsteps of celebrated writers like Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey who made Marathon their favorite fishing spot. A Bahamian Heritage Festival is celebrated at the historic home built by Bahamian pioneer George Adderley. It is situated within the Crane Point Museum where you can learn about native dwellers of these islands. Some of these inhabitants include the rare Antillean nighthawk, endangered Key deer, Great White heron, Gray kingbird Black Whiskered vireo.

To catch a glimpse of this assorted wildlife head to Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge, National Key Deer Refuge, Bahia Honda State Park, Long Key State Park, Curry Hammock State Park, or the Great Florida Birding Trail. Get up close and personal with California sea lions and bottlenose dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center. Situated on No Name Key is a village that obtains no electricity whereas Pigeon Key is home to many white crowned pigeons. Out of the 42 bridges in Florida Keys three have been identified as a heritage site namely the Seven Mile, Bahia Honda, and Long Key Bridge.

Leave the Hull, Go Snorkel

Water lovers hoping to explore the mystical marine life that inhabits the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean should look no more. After all, you cannot tell any stories about what you saw sitting on a boat while others swam and snorkeled! Moreover, hidden within these spotless waters is an exotic aquatic life, sunken ships, and large sea-grass beds that can be observed during snorkeling.

An instructor will guide you through the basics required to snorkel, after which both beginners and experienced snorkelers can undertake this thrilling water sport activity. Before starting, ensure that you are well hydrated if you wish to spend a long time snorkeling, such as two to three hours at a stretch. A Miami to Key West shuttle take passengers to and fro between the mainland and a snorkeling destination.

Then enjoy a swim along friendly dolphins, colorful coral reefs, unusual marine plants, and variety of beautiful fish. You can even attain a glimpse of North America’s only living coral reef, the 221 mile long Florida Reef Tract, which makes Key West a snorkeling Mecca amongst water sports junkies. This one of a kind experience will cost you only $70, a small price to pay for a priceless adventure.

A snorkel cruise is available on state-of-the-art catamarans that sail to the preferred destination and provide you with good quality snorkeling gear. Once you have relaxed enough on the cruise deck, jump into the lap of Mother Nature where many wonders await you. Through the shallow waters enjoy watching what you had only seen on television till now.

Swim Around a Historic Shipwreck

History buffs might know that most of the wealth that made the islands of Florida Keys rich was brought by shipwreck scavengers. Age old sunken ships that lie deep under the glittering waters provide an artificial reef thereby enhancing the diverse marine life. Both scuba divers and snorkelers can get aboard a Miami to Key West shuttle that ferries passengers to a wreck destination and then dive down to checkout the awe-inspiring ruins of these historic ships.

Seven miles off the coast of Key West, 140 feet below sea surface is Vandenberg, the second biggest ship to be intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef. Sitting upright is the 180-foot tall Cayman Salvager that was purposely sunk in 1985 for providing shelter to the aquatic life through its cavernous openings. Lying 65 feet of underwater is a classic tugboat, Joe’s Tug which sits upright.

A huge iron lighthouse marks the main body of Sand Key Lighthouse Reef, home to unique coral formations of different depths. This ten mile long reef is a popular diving site amongst water lovers. Big lobsters and groupers amongst variety of marine life find shelter in the dark caves and overhangs of the celebrated coral reef system, the Ten-Fathom Ledge. Watching ruins of a pair of coral-coated anchors of an 18th century vessel is the main attraction of Kedge Ledge, an intriguing patch reef. Of the many fascinating shipwrecks, 9 have been identified by the Florida Key National Marine Sanctuary as that of prime interest, and these lie along the renowned Shipwreck Trail.

The Zest of Key West

Built in 1852, the Key West Lighthouse was destroyed by the same hurricane responsible for Sand Key lighthouse destruction. An 88 step climb on a circular iron stairway will lead you to the deck of this 66 foot tall effigy from where you can relish panoramic view of the island. At the Key West Shipwreck Museum you will learn how most of the Keys gained its wealth through shipwreck salvaging. Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of his time on this island writing some of his classics like ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro’ and ‘The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber’. Six and seven-toed Hemingway Cats found at his winter home are believed to be descendants of his pets. The Audubon House has one of the best tropical gardens along with a collection of antique furnishings and beautiful fine art gallery.

Named after renowned ornithologist John James Audubon, the house still preserves some of his works. Be prepared to be terrified at nighttime during a 90 minute ghost tour around this island city listening to its ghost lore. At the Eco Discovery Center, captivating exhibits, films, and marine artwork will keep you enthralled. Round trip aboard a Miami to Key West bus takes 15 hours and costs only $49. At 12:00 pm you will arrive at the Mel Fisher Museum which has a collection of many 17th century shipwreck artifacts. Two thieves recently stole a solid gold bar kept in a plexiglass case from here. At 1:00 pm a boat ride will take passengers to a gorgeous coral reef where they can spend almost three hours. Chill at the Higgs, Smathers or South Beach and savor a scrumptious meal at El Siboney, Jimmy Buffett or Sloppy Joes before the bus departs for Miami by 5:45 pm. If the city impressed your heart, mind, and soul then book a return ticket for another day and for more enquiries call on (305) 444-0707. 

Parasail High in Lower Keys Sky

While parasailing it is possible to catch a glimpse of lovers cuddling up within the quiet walls of Fort Taylor where Civil War reenactments are sometimes held. Gliding through the gentle breeze you might understand why President Harry S. Truman chose this site as his winter home. Blowing with the wind under a clear blue sky over you with dazzling waters underneath, watch the Truman’s Little White House nestled within this diverse ecosystem and make your Miami to Key West trip worthwhile. Fly past multicolored tropical birds, playful dolphins and take a dip into the resplendent waters once in while for an exhilarating experience.

If you are not so much for the dip then opt for dry landings and takeoffs on the state-of-the-art parasailing boats available for this thrilling excursion. Children above 6 years of age are allowed to parasail as latest technology and informative guides will ensure a smooth ride. As you slowly ascend 300 feet above sea surface enjoy the panoramic sights of sparkling waters and thick green covers that surround this paradise island. Contrary to popular opinion parasailing is actually very tranquil and fun for which you don’t need to know swimming. After the take-off all you need to do is sit back and relax and occasionally wave and smile at your loved ones standing below. You might even spot the illustrious ‘90 miles to Cuba’ monument depicting the islands’ proximity to Havana.

Dry Tortugas Plain Aboard a Seaplane

Though lying at the southernmost tip of Key West, the monument does not mark the very end of the Keys. These extend 70 miles off the Key West coast near a bunch of seven isolated islands of Dry Tortugas in the Gulf. Tourists that travel from Miami to Key West to this region of uninhabited tropical ecosystem know that it can only be accessed by boat or seaplane. A low altitude seaplane tour is a unique way to get to this destination flying over emerald blue waters all the while enjoying the picturesque landscape. A narrated flight with a window seat for everyone, enjoy a birds-eye view of the historic harbor and downtown area of Key West as you take off. Soon glide over the ‘Flats’ which with only 3-5 feet deep shallow waters make marine life spotting very easy. Plenty of sting rays, porpoise and sharks find home in this fragile ecosystem part of the National Marine Sanctuary. Fly past the only private house within the sanctuary’s boundaries, the celebrated Ballast Key where Tennessee Williams was a frequent visitor. Further ahead in Marquesas Islands watch the stunning coral atolls, which are a big circular bunch of coral islands. Then cross over the ‘Quicksands’ where water runs 30 feet deep and sea turtles are easy to spot. It was here that Mel Fisher found salvaged treasures of famous Spanish galleons ‘Atocha’ and ‘Margarita’. Spot popular shipwrecks like that of an intentionally sunk World War II Destroyer Escort and a 70 feet tall vessel belonging to Mel Fisher's divers. Arriving into the Dry Tortugas, don’t miss clicking pictures of Fort Jefferson as you make a low pass.

A Full Circle of Adventure

If arriving during spring you might spot many birds sitting in the fort’s parade grounds, wait to get off for a close range. It is a peak bird-watching season when many migratory birds fly through and you might spot falcons and cattle egrets hunting on songbirds. To get a better view of migrant birds head to a small fountain under the buttonwood trees, the only closest freshwater source. The brown pelican, sooty tern, masked booby, magnificent frigate bird, mourning dove, roseate tern, and brown noddy are seven out of the 299 bird species that often nest within the Dry Tortugas National Park. It is the only nesting ground of magnificent frigate birds in continental America and the only nesting ground of noddy and sooty in America.

Over 80,000 tourists every year visit the park which homes some of the most untouched Florida Keys coral reefs. The park's centerpiece is marked by Fort Jefferson, a huge incomplete coastal fortress. Made with over 16 million bricks, the fort is the Western Hemisphere’s biggest masonry structure. Other popular activities here are camping, scuba diving, saltwater fishing, snorkeling, and picnicking. Although transportation from Miami to Key West does not include a ferry, it is possible to take one from the Dry Tortugas to the Fort Myers. Established in 1886, the fort is a governmental hub of Lee County and gateway to the Southwest Florida region. Situated on the McGregor Boulevard in the fort are winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford (two people who made a positive difference in America and created thousands of private sector jobs). Now you can relish in your full circle of adventure. 

Float Aboard a Glass Bottom Boat

Tourists who wish to observe the unique underwater marine life from a distance, hop on a glass bottom boat for a special adventure reserved for the water lover in you. Gliding across the turquoise blue waters you will be able to spot seashells, sharks, elkhorns, turtles, sponges, barracudas, parrotfish, sea horses, and stingrays of the many flora and fauna found undersea.

It is the perfect way to get a glimpse of favorite Key West attractions such as the colorful 221 mile long Florida Reef Tract, North America’s only living and the world’s third largest coral barrier reef, which though looks sturdy but is actually quite vulnerable. So please do not grab or touch the coral; just leave things as they are. Of course if you see some trash anywhere, even at the bottom of the sea, you can take it and dispose of it properly. 

The glass bottoms boat can be closed or open air with comfortable seats. The boat can be of two designs, the modern twin hull or the traditional V-hull. During summers you can hop on a closed glass bottom boat packed with an air conditioner to avoid the scorching sunshine. The best part is that anytime you can jump off the boat into the enticing waters and swim along with the sea dwellers and playful dolphins.

A well informed captain will give you an informative eco-tour about the diverse ecosystem that inhabits this wonderland. Watch the mysterious seascape change as you move away from the scenic shoreline of Key West out into the glittering waters into the Gulf of Mexico. A serene glass bottom boat tour provides windows to the stunning underwater reef that this island is famous for.

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